Feel like a Donostian for a day


– 9:00 Choose which activity you want to begin your day with
Activities are always adapted to your preferences. You’ll receive assistance from a professional instructor and guide, so you can fully enjoy the selected activity.

A- Surf session (beginner, advanced level or for pure pleasure)
San Sebastian coast offers us many different types of waves. We will venture along the city to discover and enjoy all the best waves and beaches. We will try to find the best wave for you, depending on your surfing level, tides and condition of the sea. You will enjoy the true spirit of surfing away from the crowds.

B – Adventure on a Sup, double kayak, or in a fishing-paddle boat
You can enjoy these fun and easy activities, in Concha Bay (with the destination to Santa Clara Island) or in the estuary of the Urumea River (the old cider route). The most original plan is to paddle like the old whalers did and the rowers continue to do today, rowing in a trawler (minimum 8 people).

C – Trekking on the trails of the pirates, whales and shipyards
We will walk through diverse and fun routes that go on the cliffs of the coast, where the old watchtowers were located in search of whales and pirates. By learning their stories, we will arrive at Pasai Bay, where you will get to see the construction of the replica of the Nao San Juan (an incredible ship), which was built in Pasaia and used by the Basque whale hunters of the 16th century to cross the Atlantic and reach Newfoundland.
Distance = 8.5 km Increased elevation = 297 m

D – Bike adventures in San Sebastian
This is my favorite option, because it is the only way to get to know and enjoy many places in the city in a few hours without being in a hurry. As long as you know how to ride a bicycle, the route is easy and flat.
Distance of the route = 7 km Increased elevation = 50 m

E- Live the life and the atmosphere of the city from within
By knowing the markets, old and original shops and communicating with the people from San Sebastian, you can live the life and the atmosphere of the city from within. While Listening to stories and anecdotes, you will know the best buildings, fishmongers, butchers, vegetables stalls, fruit and flowers, dairy products, wine bars, bakeries, tailors among others things.

F- Live our authentic gastronomy
Basque cuisine is wide and varied, using diverse ingredients from the Cantabrian Sea and the inland orchards and pastures. However, what most characterizes our cuisine is the use of high-quality products. If you decide to stay to eat later in the gastronomic society, you will be lucky to be able to participate in the whole process. We will go to the market to look for local natural foods, fresh and seasonal produce that you will enjoy. Then we will use those foods to prepare a delicious traditional meal in the gastronomic society, which we will savor together at lunchtime.

-12:30 Enjoy the traditional “Txikiteo” with 2 pintxos and 2 drinks

Pintxos are a true hallmark of Basque cuisine, being authentic miniature works of art that delight any food lover. Who is not familiar with the image of counters full of pintxos? Don’t know which one to choose? You’d eat them all, right?
To get into this old local custom of the traditional “Txikiteo” I will take you from the oldest and most contemporary tavern, savoring the most classic and modern pintxo of San Sebastian. In total you will enjoy two pintxos and two drinks of your choice.

Along the way you will also learn the history of the city, listening to past anecdotes and getting to know the oldest streets and houses.

”Txikiteo”: It is an old Basque custom, to take a tour of the streets, before going to eat or to have dinner tasting a “Txikitos” (wines) in different taverns, while chatting with friends and enjoying the atmosphere in the street.

– 15:00 Have lunch in the gastronomic society (Optional)

You only have to choose what you want to eat and I will take care of having everything prepared.
In the gastronomic society you will feel like at home. If you are foreign, you cannot miss this unique opportunity to know and enjoy the paradise of Basque gastronomy.
Gastronomic societies: is where you can experience the region’s gastronomy from first hand. The love of food and social dining is what brings together family groups and friends to cook top quality ingredients with loving care. To be able to meet, to speak, while you enjoy amazing wine and food is why these gastronomic societies are the real parties of the exquisite Basque cuisine. To be able to access the societies you have to be friend of a member.

* Food, drinks and the fee for the use of the establishment are not included, minimum 15.00€ per person.

– 17:00 You decide, when the experience ends
If you want follow enjoying this experience, it will mean + 15.00 additional total cost for each hour spent. And if you want to enjoy another one of my experiences, you will benefit from a 15% discount on that experience.


1- These are the places we will visit in the city depending on the selected activity:

La Concha Bay / Ondarreta beach / Santa Clara Island / Urgul mountain / Urumea river (old cider route) / Zurriola beach / Ulia mountain / Pasaia / Old part of the town / Center / Antiguo

2- The “Txikiteo” will also be in the neighborhood where your selected activity takes place:
Old part of the town / Gros / City center / Antiguo / Pasaia

3- The food will be savored in a gastronomic society located in the old part of the city.


-Local Basque guide, chef and friend
-Material and instructor to enjoy the activity with
-Two pintxos and two drinks during the “Txikiteo”
-Option to eat in the gastronomic society with personal chef
-Option to extend the experience + 15.00€ hour or to add an experience – 15%
-Accident and liability insurance


In the AUPA HI! Office
Address: Peña y Goñi, 10 Bajo – 20002 Donostia / San Sebastian (Guipuzkoa) Google Map
* To start and finish the experience at your accommodations or at another location, please consult with me.


*Consult me now and book your experience