Mountain Cheese and Cider


– 8:00 Transportation between San Sebastian and small towns along the mountains
While I drive, you will enjoy the beautiful mountain road as we arrive to the point where activities will begin.

– 9:00 Choose which activity you would like to begin your day with
Activities are always adapted to your preferences. You’ll receive assistance from a professional instructor and guide, so you can fully enjoy the selected activity”.

A – Trekking to the shepherd’s paradise (optional climb to top 1528 m)
Starting at 700 meters at sea level, using an easy trail, we will arrive to a beautiful dance full of pastures located 950 meters high. We will enjoy a good lunch based on a top pintxo and a drink made with local and natural products in an authentic shepherd’s edge, while feeling the blissful (agreeable) atmosphere that people experience in the Basque mountains. From the edge, you will have the option to ascend one of the highest peaks of the Basque Country, which is located at 1528 meters high.
Distance of the round trip to the Shepherd’s edge = 9 Km Increased elevation = 250 m Distance of the round trip to the Peak = 5 Km Increased elevation = 550 m

B-The Path of Speleology (Cave Exploration):
We will enter the caves of prehistoric animals. These caves were used as their homes, up to 15 km deep. With the help of professional technicians, all safety measures will be in place. You will enjoy a pintxo made with local and natural products and a drink in the classic mountain bar located in a wonderful environment full of nature and important artistic and architectural structures.

C- Easy and beautiful tour for all the public (to enjoy)
On a flat and very calm route, around a swamp surrounded by high mountains and beautiful landscapes, you can enjoy walking on foot, on a bike, on a skateboard or on skates and also, have the opportunity to try the “Skate-bizi” its pure pleasure! There are also paths available that give you the opportunity to get to know the lovely neighborhoods around the area. And of course, you will experience a classic mountain tavern, where you can taste a pintxo made with local and natural products accompanied by a drink.
“Skate-bizi”: I will take you with the bike, while you ride the skateboard you will grab a rope tied to my bike to be able to propel you and thus you will not have to boost with your foot, while you enjoy doing all the turns you want, without just having to perform effort.
Distance of the complete tour = 7 Km Increased elevation = 50 m

D-Mountain Biking Route
Taking into account your level and physical condition, we will choose an appropriate course for you. We have an infinite number of possible routes that go through paths, and paths that cross the wild mountains, and spectacular landscapes. Halfway there we will stop to “refuel” in a classic mountain bar by tasting a pintxo made with local and natural foods accompanied by a drink.

E- Live the natural life of Basque farmhouses
While enjoying a quiet walk, we will observe the life and the atmosphere of the hamlets located in the neighborhoods of the mountains. We will chat with the landlords, also we will learn about their lifestyle and taste their own manufactured and artisan food. In the Basque villages we can find all kinds of produce and in each farm we will have the opportunity to buy what they make. With the food and drinks collected during the tour, we will enjoy a beautiful “Hamaiketako” (lunch or mid-morning snack in the Basque region).

F- Live the life and the atmosphere of mountain villages
While getting to know the markets of the Basque Country, you will encounter old and original shops during your time talking with the local villagers. You can live life like a real villager and enjoy the atmosphere of the towns from within the quaint (hospitable) and splendid villages of the north. Listening to curiosities and anecdotes, you will get to know the best historic buildings, fishmongers, stalls of vegetables, fruits and flowers, dairy products and wine bars, among other fascinating discoveries. During the tour you will savor a pintxo made with local and natural foods accompanied by a drink in the best bar of the town.

-12:30 Visit an artisanal Idiazabal cheese farm with cheese and cider tasting
Enjoy the mountains and grass, along with sheep, shepherds and Idiazabal cheese, all in the glorious Basque Country. To quench our thirst, and chow down on some delicious and decadent treats, we will enter a family run farm that has been making artisan cheese for many years. The shepherd will show us the surroundings and you will have an intimate view of the family’s lifestyle and see how they run the farm. This includes an up-close look at the farm’s production, a visit to the warehouse, the stall, the milking room and dairy. We will also get to work with the farm’s herding dog. We will be able to experience and see first-hand the dog’s incredible instinctive ability to work with the sheep. Last but not least, you will have a tasting, which includes different cheeses, accompanied by the best local cider to brighten up the body.

– 14:30 Enjoy the tradition of the “Txotx” in a family driven cider house (optional)
It would be unthinkable to leave the Basque Country without drinking and eating in one of our famous and unique cider houses. Cider is the perfect excuse to enjoy the gastronomy and wonderful atmosphere that can be found at the great Txotx fiesta.
I will tell you what the cider is, how it is produced, its evolution throughout history, and teach you how to taste it while showing you the facilities and the production as a friend. Then as exceptional guests of the cider house, you will enjoy the TXOTX and its traditional dishes, and you will have option to learn about how they cook.
* What is the Txotx? Although technically it is the action of tapping the “kupela” (barrel), this magic word, which also refers to the stick used to open and close the barrels, encompasses far more than the simple act of enjoying a glass of good natural cider. For the people of Gipuzkoa, the Txotx is one of their hallmarks, being a festive act deeply rooted in friendship, respect, culture and fun. Txotx!!!
The menu includes: cod omelet, fried cod with green peppers, Txuleton (steak), cheese with apple jelly and walnuts and all the desired cider “Txotx style”.
* Live the process of making cider: If you are interested in living and participate in the entire process of making cider in first person, contact me. The experience is available from mid-September to end of October.

– 17:30 Return transportation
We will arrive to San Sebastian in 1 hour, decide when you want to return. If you want follow enjoying this experience or you want to spend a few hours on your own, it will mean + 15.00 additional costs for each hour spent. And if you want to enjoy another one of my experiences, you will benefit from a 25% discount on that experience.


1. Depending on the selected activity you will enjoy different places of the Basque mountains:
Debagoiena / Goierri / Urkiolaldea

2. The towns of the cheese factories we will visited depending on your selected activity for the day:
Debagoiena / Goierri / Urkiolaldea

3. The tradition of the Txotx lifestyle in a family run cider house:
Debagoiena / Goierri / Astigarraga / Hernani


-Local Basque driver, guide, chef and friend
-All transportation fees (fuel, parking and tolls)
-Material and instructor to enjoy the activity with during excursion
-A mountain pintxo (big) and a drink in all the activities
-Visit to the cheese farm with cheese and cider tasting
-Option to enjoy the Txotx and the traditional menu of the cider house (not included 33.00€)
-Option to extend the experience + 15.00€ hour or to add an experience – 25%
-Accident and liability insurance


At the: AUPA HI! Office
Address: Peña y Goñi, 10 Bajo Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) 20002 Google Map
*To start and finish the experience at your accommodations or at another location, please consult with me.


*Consult me now and book your experience