The Coast Wine and Fish


– 8:00 Transportation between San Sebastian and small towns along the coast
While I drive, you will enjoy the beautiful coastal road as we arrive to the point where you start the activity selected below.

– 9:00 Choose which activity you want to begin your day with
Activities are always adapted to your preferences. You’ll receive assistance from a professional instructor and guide, so you can fully enjoy the selected activity.

A- Surfari adventure (beginner, advanced level or for pure pleasure)
Our coast offers us many different types of waves. We will venture along the coast to discover and enjoy all the best waves and beaches. We will try to find the best wave for you, depending on your surfing level, tides, condition of the sea, and beach-point breaks. You will enjoy the true spirit of surfing away from the crowds.

B- Sup or double kayak crossing
Along the coast there are spectacular hidden corners and spots to enjoy this sport, in the sea, or in the calm waters of the river. Taking into account your level of paddling, the conditions of the sea, or of the estuary and the tides, we will choose the place of the coast or estuary more appropriate for you. It is in your hands to choose if you prefer paddling in Sup or Kayak, you will have the option to change it along the way between yourselves.

C- Trekking the path of the pirates, whales and Txakoli
Our day will include, hiking through pleasant paths, reveling in the landscape of the Cantabrian Sea, and enjoying what the Txakoli vineyards have to offer. We will learn the stories of the old watchtowers used to spot whales and pirates. From the same road, we will arrive at the Txakoli winery, where we will enter later.
Distance = 7.5 km Increased elevation = 286 m

D- The life of fishermen and canned anchovies
We will take a closer look at one of the most important ports of the Basque Coast to learn about the life of fishermen, visit a seafood nursery, meet the women who are engaged in sewing the nets and the production of anchovy preserves, while savoring the anchovies accompanied by an amazing Txakoli wine.

E – Experience the life and the atmosphere of coastal towns like an insider
Getting to know the markets, antique and original shops, by talking with the locals you will be able to live the life and the ambiance of the coastal towns from within. Listening to curious stories and anecdotes, you will know the best buildings, fishmongers, stalls of vegetables, fruits and flowers, dairy products, wine bars, pastry shops among other exquisite sights, and experiences.

F – The Balenciaga Museum
If you like fashion and haute couture, we have the opportunity to visit the space dedicated to the designer exploring his background and work.

-12:30 Enjoy a traditional family run Txakoli winery
On the way we will find a Txakoli winery, in which we will walk through the vineyards and stop to know how the wine is produced, taste the wine from the barrel directly, and savor homemade fish preserves while we enjoy the unforgettable place.

Txakoli’ is more than a wine with its own personality. It is a fruit of a centuries’ old tradition cultivated along the whole Basque Coast on terraces overlooking the sea.

* Live the process of making the Txakoli: If you are interested in living and participating in the whole process of making the Txakoli in first person, contact me. The experience is available from mid-September to end of October.

– 14:30 Savor the world’s best grilled fish from the grill
The Cantabrian Sea offers us the best fish. What would be better than tasting them! There are several options: in well-known restaurants (50.00-80.00 €), in more traditional restaurants (35.00-50.00 €) or by buying the fish in the port and cooking them on the grill to make a delicious picnic (25.00€).

– 17:30 Return transportation
We will arrive to San Sebastian in 30 minutes. Select the time you want to return. If you want follow enjoying this experience or you want to spend a few hours on your own, it will mean + 15.00 additional total cost for each hour spent. And if you want to enjoy another one of my experiences, you will benefit from a 25% discount on that experience.


1- Enjoy different places on the Gipuzkoan Coast depending on the chosen activity:
Hondarribia / Pasaia / Orio / Zarautz / Getaria / Zumaia / Itziar / Deba

2-We will visit a Txakoli winery, at a selected location, depending on the previous activity selected:
Hondarribia / Orio / Getaria / Zumaia / Itziar / Deba

3-You can savor the best grilled fish in the world on the Gipuzkoan Coast:
Hondarribia / Pasaia / Orio / Getaria / Zumaia / Itziar


-Local Basque driver, guide, chef, and friend
-All transportation fees (fuel, parking and tolls)
-Material and instructor to enjoy the activity with
-A visit to the winery, with wine tasting and seafood
-The option to eat the best grilled fish in the world (not included)
-Option to extend the experience + 15.00€ hour or to add an experience – 25%
-Accident and liability insurance


At the AUPA HI! Office
Address: Peña y Goñi, 10 Bajo Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) 20002 Google Map
* To start and finish the experience at your accommodations or at another location, please consult with me


*Consult me now and book your experience