Live the gastronomical life of the city


– 9:30 Live the gastronomical life of the city from the inside
Basque cuisine is wide and varied, using diverse ingredients from the Cantabrian Sea and the inland orchards and pastures. However, what most characterizes our cuisine is the use of high-quality products.
The experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to participate in the whole process. We will go to the market to look for local natural foods, fresh and seasonal produce that you will enjoy. Then we will use those foods to prepare a delicious traditional meal in an authentic Basque gastronomical society, which we will savor together at lunchtime. While we do the shopping you will enjoy the gastronomic atmosphere communicating with the local merchants and customers from the markets. You will also get to visit the fishmongers, butchers, vegetables stalls and the fruit and flower shops. You can also try the dairy products, wine bars and bakeries, among many other things.

– 11:00 Cook and eat lunch in a gastronomic society
Before starting to prepare a typical Basque dish with the assistance of a local chef, we will prepare two pintxos, when we taste the culinary master pieces, they will served with drinks. Once we feel satisfied, we will use the foods we have previously bought to cook a meal together that we will savor at mealtime. Also we will learn how the Basque gastronomic societies work and the importance that it has on the evolution of the local gastronomy.
*Gastronomic societies: are where you can experience the region’s gastronomy first hand. The love of food and social dining is what brings together groups of families and friends to cook top quality ingredients with loving care.

– 12:30 Enjoy the traditional “Txikiteo” with 2 drinks
With the food on the fire and while we preserve the traditional “Txikiteo” from the Basque Country, we will visit two different bars in the old town and drink wines (txikitos) , while you enjoy the atmosphere in the streets.
Along the way you will also learn the history of the city, listening to past anecdotes and getting to know the oldest streets and houses.
*Txikiteo: is an old Basque custom, to take a tour of the streets, tasting a wine (txikito) in different taverns, while chatting with friends and enjoying the atmosphere in the street. .

– 13:30 Enjoy prepared food in a gastronomic society
It is time to savor the rich food that we previously prepared, served with local drinks. In the gastronomic society you can feel at home and if you are a stranger, you cannot miss this opportunity to know and enjoy the paradise of Basque gastronomy.
To be able to meet, and speak to people while you enjoy amazing wine and food is why these gastronomic societies are the real parties of the exquisite Basque cuisine. To be able to have access to the societies you have to be accompanied by a member.
*Food, drinks and the fee for the use of the establishment are not included, so you can decide how much you want to spend (around 15.00€ per person).

– 15:30 You decide when the experience
If you want to continue enjoying this experience it will mean + 15.00 additional total cost for each hour spent. And if you want to enjoy another one of my experiences, you will benefit from a 15% discount on that experience.

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In the oldest part of San Sebastian:
1. Shopping: The purchases will be made in the market and in the small shops in the old part of San Sebastian.
2. The “Txikiteo”: Enjoy the traditional Basque “Txikiteo” in two old taverns located in the oldest part of the city.
3. Cook and eat: We will cook and eat in my gastronomic society located in the same old part of San Sebastian.


-Local Basque guide, chef and friend
-Route to shop and to live the local gastronomic life from an inside perspective
-Cook a typical Basque dish while we elaborate and taste two pintxos with drinks
-“Txikiteo” with your choice of 2 drinks from two old taverns and dive head first into the history of the city
-Lunch in the gastronomic society (drinks and food are not included)
-Option to extend the experience +15.00€ an hour or to add an experience – 15%
-Accident and liability insurance


In the AUPA HI! Office Address: Peña y Goñi, 10 Bajo – 20002 Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) Google Map
* To start and finish the experience at your accommodations or at another location, please consult with me.


*Consult me now and book your experience