The Basque coast that connects Bayonne with Bilbao offers us an ideal option, for a few days we can enjoy the beautiful route that joins these two points.
It is up to you to decide how many stages you wish to complete and in what way.
To organize everything else, to your liking and according to your needs, I will take care of: Organizing the stages of the journey, luggage transportation, food, drinks, the support car, management of accommodation and possibility to enjoy diverse experiences of sport, gastronomic and cultural happiness during the trip.

1. Choose how you want to travel along the Basque coast:

A- On foot:
Without having to carry your luggage over your shoulder, you can walk lightly on the lovely coastal paths. I will follow you with the van, so I can offer assistance with food and drinks during the trip.

B- Donkey trekking:
We will have donkeys as companions during the trip, so we will take care of them as we travel. We’ll carry the heaviest material in the donkey’s saddlebags and we’ll walk.
Depending on the number of people who make up the group, we will use a donkey, two or whatever we need and we will never make the donkeys carry too much weight, always making sure that we offer them the optimal treatment they deserve.

C- Cycling or mountain biking:
You can enjoy cycling on the roads or trails without having to carry your luggage over your shoulder, while I follow you with the van and offer assistance on the journey with food and drinks.

D- Paddling in Sup, Big sup, kayak, or in a fishing-paddle boat:
While you discover the most beautiful corners of the coast, I will offer assistance to you with food and drink during your journey. There will also be a van to transport material.

E- Sailing on a sailboat:
While you are in the hands of the captain you will have a great experience. You will enjoy the peace a person experiences during a sea adventure, discovering the most spectacular corners of the Basque Coast. You can also learn to sail and the boat will be your main transport and accommodation. You will carry your luggage on board and with the beds, bathrooms, showers, kitchen and living room you will have on board, you will feel much better than at home.

F- Remix adventure:
Use your imagination and make an incredible combination, with the different ways of travel that I offer, so that you can enjoy a very special trip.
Imagine the trip of your dreams… I already have it, the trip of my dreams during 8 days, with friends from Biarritz to Bilbao:

1. For 2 days, from Biarritz to Pasaia on foot with the assistance of a donkey – sleeping with tents in the mountains.
2. Another 2 days, from Pasaia to Zumaia sailing in a sailboat and sleeping on board, with all the different possible activities offered from the sea and the coast, fishing, surfing, txikiteo…
3. The following 2 days, from Zumaia to Gernika pedaling on a mountain bike and sleeping in rural houses.
4. And the last 2 days, leaving from Gernika to get to Bilbao and paddling on a fishing-paddle boat -then sleeping in rural accommodations on the coast.

Everything is possible !

2. Choose where you want to enjoy the nights:
I will find you the accommodation that best suits your needs during your visit to the Basque Coast. There are many beautiful styles of accommodations: Hotels, apartments, rural houses, shelters, campsites, camper vans that give you the option to sleep wherever you wish, motorhomes, mountain pastures, sailboats, camping in nature…


We will be on the coast that links Biarritz with Bilbao, but you will decide concretely, what stages you want to do and in consequence where you want to be and from which town or cities you want to pass through during the trip.


-Local Basque driver, guide, chef, and friend
-All transportation fees (fuel, parking and tolls)
-Organization of the stages for the trip
-Transportation of equipment
-Assistance and transportation during the different stages of the trip (food, drink and suppourt car)
-Accommodation management (free)
-Option to organize experiences of happiness during the trip
-Liability and accident insurance


*Consult me now and book your experience