In July of 2011 I did my first log travel. I went to Santiago de chile (Chile)

In theory I was going to study, but once installed in University I was not happy. Therefore, I bought a cheap bike, grab a surf board for an old lady, and I dedicated myself to enjoy the Chilean nature and its friendly people, at least 5 months from the 6 that lasted my stay. But somedays I already went to University!. There were lots of girls, but they didn,t pay me any attention.

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There´s nothing like sharing with local people (Buchupureo- Chile)

And I haven´t regretted of such a good decision!

Nature and people taught me much more than what I would have ever learned in University. Those 6 months of adventure helped me know myself much better.

This is my favourite chilean clip:

I started working at La Zurriola Surf Eskola in San Sebastian thanks to Aimar Abilleira and Mikel Gaztearena. In contact with nature, people and surfing, it was my dream job. I felt happy and free.  With some money and lots of free time, I could finish my studies of Teaching.

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 In August of 2013 I was still working in Zurriola Surf Eskola, but unconsciously, I was looking for something different for the future. One night having dinner in a gastronomic society with all my family, talking together after dinner:

Me: Uncle Jose Luis, I´m not sure what I´m going to do in the future, but God! I love walking among people, laughing, listening and telling stories…I think I could be a good fishmonger or Butcher. What do you think?

Uncle José Luis : I think that you need to fill a Land-Rover with people and you have to spread happiness.


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Uncle José Luis with his caracteristic glance.

Since that dinner I began to think seriously about the possibility of living making people happy. In addition, by then I was already well aware of the fate that supposed to be born in the Basque Country. An excellent territory, with marvellous sea and mountain landscapes , varied weather, hospitable and friendly people, and high quality products. This is the day I can´t get out of my head the profession of my life. Showing people our land making them feel happy. But the Land Rover should wait!



Meanwhile, I have lived some unforgettable experiences, especially making a living in Australia. But I will leave those adventures for a future post.

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Mi abuelo Félix

In 1995, the father of my father, my grandfather Felix, had dealings withcattle to have daily bread. In 2015, 60 years after, I want to deal with people to have daily bread.

I would like to thank all of you that have been near me from the bottom of my heart. And also all of you that are coming.


With out you, I am nothing…