Pirates, whales and shipyard trekking


– 8:00 Trekking on the trails of the pirates, whales and shipyards
We will walk through diverse and fun routes that go on the cliffs of the coast, where the old watchtowers were located in search of whales and pirates. By learning their stories, we will arrive at an amazing Bay, where you will get to see the construction of the replica of the Nao San Juan (an incredible ship), which was built in this Bay and used by the Basque whale hunters of the 16th century to cross the Atlantic and reach Newfoundland.
Distance = 8.5 km | Increased elevation = 297 m

– 11:00 Lunch in an authentic seafood tavern based on a “Pikoteo”
You will savor a pleasant lunch that will be the fresh fish of the day and you will have your choice of local drinks from an authentic and unique fishermen’s bar on the coast.
In this tavern you will not be able to order from a regular menu, you will eat the best selection of fish that they caught the night before. Just in case you would prefer another option, they always have homemade dishes to order and enjoy as well.
*Pikoteo: is the style to enjoy different plates of food, that we will share among those present from the middle of the table.

– 12:00 Experience first-hand the life of the Basque whalers from the 16th century
In the 16th century, the Basques were world leaders in whaling. But there were no whales left in the Basque Country, so they were forced to cross the Atlantic to sail, to get to Newfoundland. Consequently in those times a naval industry was created that had influence in all the Basque Country, it needed everything to construct those Naos and to have all the necessary tools and foods ready to face those long adventures.. Nowadays we know little about of all this, but the construction of the replica of the Nao San Juan that was shipwrecked in Canadian waters in those times and the project that is going to repeat the adventurous voyage is underway. So we will go to live the project process live and know the construction

– 13:00 You decide when the experience ends
We will arrive to San Sebastian in 15 minutes. If you want to continue enjoying this experience or you want to spend a few hours on your own, it will mean + 15.00 additional total cost for each hour spent. And if you want to enjoy another one of my experiences, you will benefit from a 15% discount on that experience.

* Ideal experience to round out the day: Sailing adventure


1. Trekking:
We will start our walk from San Sebastian and go hiking in the wild nature on the spectacular cliffs on the coast.
2. Lunch and the life of the sixteenth century Basques:
You will enjoy a spectacular environment that has been created by a great natural bay. The bay is in one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the Basque Region.


-Local Basque guide and friend
-Mountain stick and instructor to enjoy the trekking adventure
-Guided visit to live the relationship of the 16th century Basques with the whales
-Lunch in a traditional seafood bar with fried fresh fish and drinks
-Public transport return pass
-Option to extend the experience +15.00€ an hour or to add an experience – 15%
-Accident and liability insurance


In the AUPA HI! Office Address: Peña y Goñi, 10 Bajo – 20002 Donostia / San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa) Google Map
* To start and finish the experience at your accommodations or at another location, please consult with me


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